Proxeo Twist Cordless

The new freedom of rotary polishing

Inspired by Prophy professionals

The Prophy Angle Cups offer a smooth surface on the edge
for gentle cleaning into the sulcus, Nubs on the outside which reduce splattering of the paste and polish the interdental space at the same time. The special internal fins ensure easy pickup and targeted application of paste.

Small head and thin neck

for an optimum view of the treatment site and better accessibility of hard-to-reach areas, such as the molar and tuber regions.

Cordless and ergonomic

The cordless, ergonomic design means that the handpiece can easily be rotated 360 degrees in the hand, enabling dynamic adjustment of the working position.

Allows you complete freedom

Twist and turn the handpiece at will and change your treatment position as needed for better access and an unrestricted view.