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W&H Decontamination Equipment Rental Scheme

The W&H Decontamination Equipment Rental Scheme has been set up to give customers the use of high quality, regularly maintained W&H equipment, for an affordable monthly fee.

Rental is usually offered for a 5-year period, at the end of which the contract can be renewed if required (with the latest equipment). This enables you to keep up-to-date with advances in equipment technology, whilst having peace of mind knowing that for a fixed monthly fee, the equipment you use is fully maintained and performing optimally.

In addition, Rental payments are currently 100% tax deductible, so this is an extremely cost effective way of accessing high performance decontamination equipment for your daily routine.

For each product, we offer two options for the maintenance component:

(A) Testing to the manufacturer’s guidelines – basic tests to show that the machine is functioning correctly

(B) Annual validation according to the Department of Health HTM 01-05 guidelines – more rigorous testing using calibrated independent testing equipment. For example, cycles must be run using thermocouples and pressure sensors, whereas to satisfy manufacturer’s guidelines a thermometer may be used.

Please note that if Option A is selected, it is possible to buy selected add-ons such as annual validations, logbooks and unlimited cycles at a later date, but if you know you will require these, it will be more cost-effective to choose the all-inclusive Option B. You may not change between Options A and B during the 5-year rental period, although you may change at renewal if desired.

Please contact your local W&H Territory Manager in order to establish which equipment is most suitable for your requirements. They will then put you in contact with Braemar Finance, who are facilitating the finance for the W&H Decontamination Equipment Rental Scheme.

Contact W&H (UK) today to arrange a free, no-obligation consultation.

Participation in the W&H Decontamination Equipment Rental Scheme is subject to acceptance & satisfactory credit checks by Braemar Finance. Terms and Conditions apply. E & OE.


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