Experience the W&H Range of Decontamination Products! Reduce the cost of oiling - increase the efficacy.
From ONLY 3p per treatment! Find out more about how the Assistina Twin saves you time and money, whilst extending the working life of your handpieces.

Assistina Twin

3 options for improved
handpiece maintenance

  • Assistina Twin
    Simple, Fast, Economical handpiece care in 10 seconds. The Assistina Twin is ergonomically designed for the 4 E's easy, effective, efficient and economical handpiece maintenance. It is the 1st reprocessing device with 2 process chambers for alternate loading. The cycle is just 10 seconds per handpiece allowing up to 360 handpieces to be processed in an hour.
  • Assistina 3x2
    3 x handpieces, 2 x steps for ideal handpiece lubrication. Cleans and lubricates your handpieces in 6 minutes.
  • Assistina 301 plus
    1 x handpiece, 35 seconds. 1 fluid refill pack is equivalent to 28 manual spray cans of oil



Blows through spray channels and transmission parts with compressed air

Internal cleaning

Internal cleaning of spray channels and transmission parts


Lubrication of transmission parts with W&H Service Oil F1

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