W&H launches own Instagram account

Instagram is all about capturing and sharing authentic, relevant and cutting-edge content. Today, the video and photo platform has more than 800 million users worldwide, including many dentists and dental assistants, which accounts for the surprising levels of interest in images from the dental industry. At W&H, we have therefore decided that now is the time open up this communication channel with our professional dental customers, by launching our very own innovative and modern Instagram account as of March 2018.

Young and mobile target audience

More and more dentists and dental practices are using social media to help attract new customers and build trust in their services. In fact, there are now more than three million posts online with the hashtag #dentist. As a specialist in dental solutions, W&H is now looking to get involved in this conversation and reach out to dentists and dental practices with its Instagram account @whdentalwerk. The primary aim is to improve awareness of the brand among younger target groups. The new Instagram account therefore forms part of a cross-media campaign, which also incorporates the company’s existing social media activities on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and W&H’s very own Video Channel. Hashtags such as #whdentalwerk, #whdental and #patient2fan will be used to increase interaction and get users involved in W&H campaigns.

User-generated content

“Our Instagram account will promote the unique corporate culture of our modern family company through our slogan ‘People have priority’. As well as sharing our own messages, we also want to encourage our customers to produce their own user-generated content,” explains Anita Thallinger, W&H Marketing Director. “Examples could include before-and-after photos or snapshots from their everyday work, which showcase close and trusting relationship between dentist and patient.”

Popularity of social media among
dental community

Social media influencers have a key role to play in shaping users opinions. As with any industry, there are numerous experts and advisers from the dental community whose online contributions are very highly regarded. It is not rare to find dental practices and even dentists with more than 200,000 followers.

“Collaboration with these key opinion leaders is a key component of W&H’s digital strategy. This is the only way to develop a reputation as a genuine contributor, and ultimately generate popularity and trust among users,” explains Anita Thallinger.

Top 10 hashtags:

#dentalwerk, #whdental, #whdentalwerk, #dentist, #dental, #instadentist, #dentistry, #dentalassistant, #dentallab, #dentalcare

Mag. Anita Thallinger, W&H Director Marketing
Mag. Anita Thallinger
W&H Director Marketing

“The new W&H Instagram account is designed to open up direct communication with customers and key opinion leaders from dental industry,” explains Anita Thallinger, W&H Marketing Director.