Innovation – the base for the worldwide success of W&H

W&H Dentalwerk Bürmoos GmbH will finish the 2014/15 financial year with a significant growth in sales. Along with the introduction to the market of the first dental turbine in the world with a sterilizable ring LED in autumn 2014, which enables preparation without shadows for the first time, W&H is also setting new standards in piezo surgery with the new Piezomed surgical unit. The above achievements along with other milestones confirm the leading position of W&H in dental technology and the company’s 125 years of innovation.

W&H is noted for its modern structures and processes in all divisions of the company in addition to its high-tech solutions for the world market. “Innovation is essential for our future and is reflected in our products and in our processes,” says W&H Managing Director Dipl.-Ing. Peter Malata.

W&H Managing Director
Dipl.-Ing. Peter Malata

In addition to product development in close consultation with well-known international users, the close connection of development and production at Bürmoos ensures a high degree of flexibility in the alignment of products to the world market. Comprehensive quality management underpins the provision of high-quality, reliable solutions. W&H easily passed the audit conducted by the American FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in January 2015 and thus demonstrated the company’s high level of quality in medical technology.

High-tech solutions with maximum customer benefit

dental turbine with ring LED
Dental turbine with ring LED

The current financial year at W&H is noted for its particular successes in development. In autumn 2014 W&H was the first company to market a dental turbine with ring LED. For the first time the treatment site can be illuminated with 100% shadow-free light. This innovation once again positioned W&H as a world leader in the field of LED technology for dental instruments. As early as 2007 W&H was noted for sterilizable LEDs in dental turbines – safe working under daylight quality and complete sterilizability of instruments became reality.

Piezomed surgical unit
Piezomed surgical unit

At the International Dental Show (IDS) in Cologne in March 2015 W&H once again impressed the dental world with numerous additional innovations: a solution for minimally invasive treatment in the field of piezo surgery was presented. The Piezomed surgical unit, fitted with patented automatic instrument detection and a specially designed range of tips, offers a high degree of efficiency for users and even greater safety for surgeon and patient.

Assistina 3x3
Assistina 3x3

W&H is setting new standards for hygiene and care of instruments in dental practices with the Assistina 3x3. It is the first device available for automatic internal and external cleaning and oil service for turbines, straight and contra-angle handpieces. It can be used to clean and service one to three instruments per cycle. Dental practices benefit from considerably shorter and validated cleaning processes.

This and other innovative products are seamless additions to W&H’s 125 years of success. Push-button bur changing for turbines (1979) follows items such as the Roto-Quick rotary turbine coupling (1979), the first brushless Elcomed surgical motor (1983), the Lisa, the first class B sterilizer on the market (1999) or the unique generator technology for surgical straight and contra-angle handpieces (2007, 2009), which enables light independent of the drive motor for the first time, are now known as synonyms for W&H. “Our objective is consistent reinforcement of our leadership in technology. To achieve this objective, we have a strong focus on intensive research and development, the application of the latest technology, and modern structures and processes in the company,” says Dipl.-Ing. Peter Malata.

close cooperation of experts in the fields of R&D and production
Close cooperation of experts in the fields of R&D and production.
Quality and precision right down to the smallest component
Quality and precision right down to the smallest component.

Processes that conform to FDA requirements and promote innovation

W&H has been able to remain close to its customers with the tight meshing of development and production and a modern production philosophy based on the sell & call principle at Bürmoos. A great depth of production not only supports the maintenance of rigid quality standards but also offers a great deal of independence, and thus improved dynamics and speed with regard to the provision of high-tech products. Flat hierarchies with short information and decision paths also support targeted market development. A modern team structure promotes a unique culture of ideas and innovation in the company.

The high level of W&H quality management was confirmed in January 2015 with successful completion of an FDA audit. The company met all the requirements of the American regulator. The audit confirms that W&H is ideally positioned for meeting the rigid requirements of the medical technology industry and that customers and partners can rely on the high quality and reliability of W&H.

Technology of the future – outlook

“Increased networking of dental devices, efficient remote maintenance, and fast mobile access are currently the focus of our development activities,” says Dipl.-Ing. Peter Malata. “The future is in full-service solutions that will offer significant added value to our customers and partners.” Our French subsidiary is well advanced in the innovative networking of dental devices. It is offering an efficient remote maintenance solution for W&H sterilizers with the Akilease/Akidata services. “Our objective is to build on these innovative software solutions and to expand the networking of devices in dentistry and extend it to other products.