W&H Perfecta models: Perfect for every dental technician.

With the Perfecta models, W&H has developed devices with which dental technicians can realise their full potential in the laboratory.

W&H is one of the world’s leading providers of precision dental equipment and currently employs over 980 staff. The family company looks back on decades of experience in the dental laboratory and started manufacturing handpieces for dental technicians as early as 1926. Development, production and service of all laboratory devices is still based in Salzburg.

Perfecta models
Perfecta models

The right device for every type of user

  • Perfecta 900
    with 0.7 Ncm high-speed handpiece, external operating controls and integrated air-jet function
  • Perfecta 900 Set*
    with 0.7 Ncm high-speed handpiece and 7.8 Ncm motor handpiece, external operating controls and integrated air-jet function
  • Perfecta 600
    with 7.8 Ncm motor handpiece and external operating controls plus integrated air-jet function
  • Perfecta 300
    with 5.5 Ncm motor handpiece and external operating controls

Handpieces with integrated perfection

An absolute world first: Both the motor handpiece and the high-speed handpiece include an integrated air-jet function. The user no longer has to keep reaching for the air gun and therefore saves a lot of time. The ergonomic shape of the handpieces ensures convenient handling. Users experience hardly any signs of fatigue, even after working for long periods.

With both handpieces, the user’s work conserves materials and is extremely efficient. The motor handpiece has sufficient power reserves for even the most challenging work. The high-speed handpiece is up to ten times more powerful than an air turbine and is therefore ideally suited for machining ceramic materials.

The unique triple spray protects against microcracking and guarantees optimum cooling in every situation.

high-speed handpiece with integrated air-jet function
high-speed handpiece with integrated air-jet function

With the Perfecta 900, the dental technician can connect the high-speed handpiece and the motor handpiece simultaneously as a set*, allowing all materials to be machined with only one unit.

Everything in view, perfect control

All Perfecta models are available with simple operating controls that can be placed separately from the main device and keep the workplace tidy. They enable the user to control all functions and switch Perfecta 900 between the two handpieces. The operating controls also allow both automatic programs to be controlled. In the “Bistable” mode, the device automatically starts at the set speed. In the "Speed control operation" mode, the current speed is automatically saved and maintained after two seconds of operation.

For even more individualised operation, the Perfecta models are available as a table control unit, knee control unit or foot control unit (only for Perfecta 300 and 600).

Extensive range of accessories

In recent years, W&H has developed an extensive range of accessories for the Perfecta models: The high-speed handpiece can be connected to virtually any milling machine using the milling device adaptor to create perfectly milled constructions. With the technical handpiece 945, you can correct, adjust and rework dentures and orthodontic appliances quickly and efficiently in the dental practice as well. An adjustable support, with which the operating controls can be flexibly positioned, and a handpiece support (including cleaning and tool kit) complete the range of accessories.

Top service and 24-month warranty

Our attention is focussed on people: At W&H, all products are sustainably developed and produced in Austria. All devices come with a 24-month warranty and top-quality service.

*The Perfecta 900 Set with two handpieces is not a standard article. You will also need to order the motor handpiece and the applicable cable.