W&H – actively supporting the next generation of dentists

European Dental Students Association (EDSA)

W&H – actively supporting the next generation of dentists

The European Dental Students Association (EDSA) provides European dental students with a valuable platform for exchanging information, sharing experiences and building on their specialist knowledge. It is the EDSA's aim to work in close collaboration with companies active in the industry to continually offer its members novel training and development opportunities. W&H has already offered its support to this renowned dental student association for several years now, getting involved in a number of activities with a focus on actively promoting the training of the dentists of the future and establishing good relationships with this new generation from the outset. One major tool in this mission is the exclusive student area on wh.com, the company's innovative website. Alongside all the latest news in modern dentistry, key information from within the field is provided in the form of tutorial videos aimed specifically at students and a comprehensive dental glossary. The company works closely with students to ensure that their studies are always supplemented with practical knowledge.

EDSA President Luka Banjšak sees W&H's full commitment to training and education as a crucial source of support, with this long-standing and fruitful partnership with the Austrian medical technology company set to continue to be of crucial importance going forward – not least because it gives students the chance to get to grips with all the latest technologies and trends in dentistry.

EDSA W&H Partnership

Dear students,

It is my utmost pleasure to welcome you to the student section of the W&H website. W&H and EDSA have established a longterm partnership- a partnership between a professional quality dental brand and a student association with dentists of the future eager to learn and discover all new technologies and tools that will enable them to practice high quality dentistry when they finish their studies. W&H offers students explanatory videos in various fields of dentistry including: endodontics, oral surgery, implantology, periodontology, restoration, prosthetics and many more! This has helped numerous students in the comprehension of the technical aspects via a very friendly way-through video! EDSA is constantly striving to open more and more possibilities to its members with education being one of our top priorities. Integration of various different methods of learning helps students move away from the monotony and expand their interests, and learning techniques.
W&H is one of the pioneers of integrating student education in their functioning curriculum. This is also the reason why EDSA has established a very healthy partnership with W&H. Evidence based data is one of the main pillars for training a highly motivated “dentist of the future”.
I would seize this chance to invite our members and all active dental students to join us on a couple of our upcoming events:
Firstly, following our General Assembly meeting in Coimbra, Portugal, EDSA in collaboration with the Croatian dental student’s association, is hosting the 6th Virtual World Congress of Dental Students from 4th to the 6th of May 2016. This is an international online congress available to all students worldwide, and enables them to present their undergraduate student papers, as well as postgraduate! Many well-known lecturers from faculties from all over the world will be joining us and presenting all sorts of different topics connected with dental medicine.
Following that we will have the EDSA Summer Camp in Dubrovnik, Croatia, on which we will have around 50 students from all over Europe. The aim of the Summer Camp is to expand the horizons of students in the field of education. Every year we cover a different theme in the Biomedicine field and host international lectures, and naturally, everything takes place in the “Pearl of the Adriatic”-the historical city of Dubrovnik.
In the summer EDSA will have the next General Assembly meeting in Barcelona, Spain where the new elections of the executive board will take place amongst the usual discussions regarding the functioning of the Association. At the same time some of our members will be attending the Pamoja Volunteer Work programme in Tanzania. The Volunteer Work programme is mainly funded by fundraisers organised by students as the cost is very high-but at the same time the benefits and assistance provided to our colleagues in Tanzania is very rewarding and gives us all pride in hosting the project itself!
Hopefully all of you can benefit from the existing student sites from W&H and have become even more interested in the business of EDSA!

All the best,

Luka Banjšak

EDSA-President Luka Banjsak