Synea Vision turbines

Discover the Synea Vision turbines for yourself!

Ring LED+

> 5x LED ring for
shadow-free light
at the treatment site!

Scratch-resistant surface

> like new every day
with the special,
scratch-resistant coating.

Power Blade rotor

> maximum torque
> optimal power
> optimized blade geometry

Hygienic head

> the circulating air in the turbine head ensures no aerosol particles are sucked into the turbine as the rotor slows down.

Hygiene with no compromises

> minimal escape of air
at the head maximum capacity
for added efficiency and unbeatable hygiene.

Service life with no compromises

> improved performance due to optimal use of the torque without exhausting the maximum speed.

> this reliably ensures high power and is gentle on the rotor’s ball bearings for a long time.