Oral surgery specialists welcomed by W&H

bone & tissue days Salzburg
Conference president Univ. Prof. Dr. Martin Lorenzoni (University of Graz, Austria)

bone & tissue days Salzburg:

The focus at the first ever specialist congress hosted jointly by W&H Dentalwerk Bürmoos GmbH and botiss biomaterials GmbH on 4th and 5th December was on expert training. With a successful combination of state-of-the-art technologies and techniques, complemented by a range of guest speakers of the highest calibre, the bone & tissue days offered an insight into the latest treatment concepts in oral surgery.

What’s the best way to deal with tooth loss? It’s a question that doesn’t just concern older people nowadays; more and more younger people are also being affected by this phenomenon. There are a number of different causes: periodontal disease, sports injuries, inadequate teeth cleaning and stress to name but a few.

Consequently, comprehensive possibilities for bone augmentation were one of the focuses of the event hosted at W&H’s headquarters. More than 100 participants seized the opportunity to learn in workshops and from presentations given on stage by internationally renowned surgeons from across the German-speaking world.

W&H and botiss biomaterials, an expert in the field of dental bone and tissue regeneration, brought together expert surgeons from Germany, Austria and Switzerland under the motto “Augmentation 2015 – Innovative Concepts, Solutions and Products”. The bone & tissue days have been organized by botiss biomaterials for a number of years and have achieved international acclaim as a vital platform in the field of dental bone and tissue regeneration. In addition to jawbone augmentation, the focuses of the first specialist congress hosted jointly with W&H in Bürmoos, Austria, were regeneration of hard and soft tissue, e.g., bone and gingiva, and, above all, the latest implant techniques. Special attention was also paid to minimally invasive patient treatments, i.e., those which preserve the most tissue and involve as little pain as possible for the patient.

More than 100 participants
More than 100 participants used the event to find out more about the latest trends and techniques in the fields of oral surgery and implantology.

Learning from renowned users

Day 1 of the event was dedicated to theoretical and practical workshops. These not only provided the congress participants with insights into the tried-and-tested techniques employed by renowned surgeons, but also gave them a chance to find out more about the advantages and benefits of the latest biomaterials available for bone augmentation from botiss biomaterials and W&H’s innovative range of products. Moreover, live demonstrations gave the visitors plenty of opportunity to test out the surgical instruments and devices for themselves.

First-rate presentations on stage were the focus of the second day of the event. In addition to the latest findings in the fields of periodontology and implantology, the speakers also put current surgical treatment concepts up for discussion. “The bone & tissue days are an ideal platform for presenting biological materials for tissue regeneration, current techniques and the latest technologies in the field of dental surgery. The aim is to design the operation as minimally invasive as possible for the patient and promote rapid healing. In our high-tech surgical products we have the optimal solution for current market requirements”, said Roland Gruber, Head of Sales at W&H Deutschland.

Inputs for day-to-day clinical practice.
Inputs for day-to-day clinical practice.
Selected workshops
Selected workshops.

Improved patient comfort thanks to new concepts and technologies

It’s clear that the current trend is towards minimally invasive operations and reduced pain for patients. W&H has managed to create awareness on the global market in the field of piezo surgery in particular. The company really grabbed everyone’s attention on the international dental market with its latest innovation “Piezomed”, a surgical device which far exceeds its rivals in terms of its precision and reliability. Under the specialist supervision of high-calibre surgeons from across the German-speaking world and with the help of experts from botiss biomaterials and W&H, the specialist congress participants were able to try out new concepts and techniques as well as the new Piezomed for themselves, in practical applications and to understand them in all of their facets.

Thank to the interactive nature of the event, the bone & tissue days offered expert knowledge in the field of dental surgery and valuable inputs for day-to-day clinical practice at the same time. An evening event in the stylish surroundings of the Stiftskeller St. Peter restaurant gave guests the chance to continue their specialized discussions in more detail and share their experiences. “The successful event concept from botiss biomaterials, the bone & tissue days, allowed us to bring together renowned surgeons from all over the German-speaking world at our headquarters in Bürmoos. Specialist congresses are becoming ever more important for the successful sale and distribution of our products. In addition to our professional business structures and innovative products, international networks are decisive for our corporate success”, said W&H Managing Director Dipl.-Ing. Peter Malata.