Assistina 3x3 – a class of its own

As the first European manufacturer of mechanically operated straight and contra-angle handpieces, W&H started setting trends in the first few years of its 125-year history. A universal handpiece with an adjustable head angle offering flexibility and optimum access to the treatment site for the first time marked the beginning of a string of successes in product development. It was followed by numerous patented systems, the result of intensive research and development activity.

With the development of the Assistina cleaning and care unit, W&H became the first manufacturer to offer an innovative solution for mechanical instrument reprocessing in 1992. It gained widespread attention for being so simple to use and cost-effective. Whereas other manufacturers only offered maintenance using a grease gun or oil can, the new W&H product was the first to allow fully automated oil dosing and complete cleaning of spray channels.

Assistina (1992)
mechanical instrument reprocessing in 1992
Perfect cleaning inside and outside
New product generation Assistina 3x3:
fully automated, short cycle time & validated process

Most advanced hygiene concepts

The consistent employment of state-of-the-art technology and close cooperation with end users allowed W&H to set yet another milestone in the field of instrument reprocessing in 2013: The new product generation Assistina 3x3 saw the launch of the first device on the market to offer automatic internal and external cleaning as well as oil service of turbines and straight and contra-angle handpieces. Between one and three instruments can be cleaned and serviced per cycle. The short cleaning process lasting around six minutes ensures excellent cleaning results. Following subsequent sterilization in the Lisa autoclave’s rapid cycle, the instruments are available again after a total of just 20 minutes. Cleaned, serviced and sterilized. This allows dental practices to benefit from considerably shorter and validated cleaning processes and provides them with optimum support in the implementation of the most advanced hygiene concepts.

Hygiene in practices is coming more and more into the public spotlight and occupying an ever larger part of day-to-day dentistry. The aim of the dental manufacturer is thus to make efficient and reliable reprocessing solutions available, in order to optimally support dentists and help them to comply with legal requirements. Thanks to intensive research and development work, W&H is able to set innovative solutions in the field of instrument reprocessing time and time again and to play an essential role in designing technological progress in modern dental practices.