Piezomed – maximum precision for surgical applications

In surgical processes, optimal human and mechanical precision is of the utmost importance. There is high demand for reliable solutions offering surgeons support in even the most complex of tasks. Minimally invasive procedures involving a low degree of pain for the patient and a short recovery period are now the focus of product developments in the field of oral maxillofacial surgery. Family-owned W&H, based in Salzburg, Austria, has been exploring piezo technology for many years, although it is still a relatively new research area when viewed in the context of the company’s 125-year history.

Piezomed - The new force in bone surgery
Piezomed piezosurgical device

The latest example of the successful W&H development series in the field of oral surgery is the new Piezomed piezosurgical device. Based on state-of-the-art piezo technology, the device employs high-frequency microvibrations.

To optimally serve the broad spectrum of tasks performed by surgeons, Piezomed is also equipped with state-of-the-art, technological functions and a range of 24 different working tips. With the teeth on the bone saws, specially developed by W&H, users benefit from outstanding cutting performance. For example, bone blocks can be harvested with minimal bone loss, optimally complementing a minimally invasive process.

World first!

Another technological highlight is the patented automatic instrument detection system, which selects the correct power class when the instrument is inserted. The risk of overloading the instrument is significantly reduced, meaning that the user can concentrate fully on the patient and the surgical procedure.

Maximum precision for surgical applications and atraumatic treatment for the patient are just some of the advantages of the state-of-the-art piezo drive technology. Piezomed allows W&H to pick up on the varied requirements of users and patients alike and to make a considerable contribution to minimally invasive treatments.

Thanks to close cooperation with internationally renowned users, W&H, a company with a long tradition, has been able to refine the existing technology to the point where Piezomed is considerably more precise than all other models previously available on the market.

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