W&H Bulgaria celebrates its 20th anniversary

On the 16th May 2015 W&H Bulgaria celebrated its 20th anniversary. The event was attended by more than 140 guests: dentists, distributors, deans of dental faculties, representatives of the dental associations, media and partners.

Margarita Toteva (General Manager W&H Bulgaria), Dipl.-Ing. Peter Malata (W&H Managing Director)

The background of W&H Bulgaria

The first formal contract for representation in Bulgaria was signed in 1980. W&H Bulgaria was one of the first companies that received the rights to provide company service to the Ministry of Health. The company, as we know it today, was established in 1995.

Margarita Toteva (General Manager of W&H Bulgaria) pointed out: “This celebration of 20 years of success would not be possible without the support of the W&H Bulgaria team. I am proud that the Bulgarian dental market has always been special for the Management of W&H Dentalwerk Bürmoos and that Bulgaria is part of the long history of the Malata family."

With great pleasure the official guests and friends from Bürmoos were introduced. Mr. Malata (W&H Managing Director) also took the opportunity to congratulate and stress the confidence in the Bulgarian team and in the ongoing prosperous development.

Donation instead of flowers!

The event was accompanied by a charity activity and the funds raised will support the causes of the National Fund St. Nicholas, which takes care of about 1,100 disadvantaged children.