W&H – 125 years of innovation

W&H has focused on the requests and requirements of people for 125 years. Today, numerous innovations are synonymous with W&H and still characterize the technological advancement of modern dentistry.

Renowned for its quality, reliability and excellent service, W&H is one of the top brands in the field of dental technology. With made-to-measure customer solutions, this Austrian family company has setting trends in the international dental industry for 125 years. A whole range of pioneering inventions is now synonymous with W&H and shapes the daily lives of dentists across the globe.

Technological advancement from 1890 to today

As the first European manufacturer of mechanically operated hand and contra-angle handpieces, W&H has been presenting innovations as early as in its first few years. A universal handpiece with adjustable head angle, which provides flexibility and optimum access to the treatment site for the first time, marked the beginning of its many years of success. Many patented systems followed this and are the result of intensive research and development activity. With current innovations, W&H has succeeded in positioning itself as the first supplier in the world of advanced LED technology for dental handpieces.

Thanks to unique solutions in the areas of surgical drill units and piezosurgical devices, the company is able to demonstrate its pioneering role in oral surgery. With the development of the Assistina cleaning and care unit, W&H is the first supplier of an innovative solution for preparation of mechanical instruments. The goal of the emphasis on innovation from W&H is to consistently strengthen the company’s leading position in the world market and decisively shape medical day-to-day work with advanced solutions.

The first Turbine in the world with 5x ring LED+

Complete elimination of shadows during preparation has long been the unfulfilled dream of many a dentist. In 2014, W&H achieved a technological sensation: five light-intensive, pinhead-sized LEDs are integrated in a ring shape into the small head of the new Synea Vision turbine. Dentists benefit from the 100% shadow-free illumination of the preparation site for the first time, while patients benefit from improved treatment safety. With the unique Synea Vision turbine with 5x ring LED+, W&H is not only creating a new benchmark, but is also strengthening its technological leadership in the areas of handpieces and turbines for advanced restoration and prosthetics.

W&H surgical device with state-of-the-art piezo technology

The latest example of the successful W&H development series in the field of oral surgery is the new Piezomed, which was presented to a wide specialist audience for the first time in 2013.

Based on state-of-the-art piezo technology, the surgical device employs high-frequency microvibrations, which allow cutting of the jawbone with incredible precision. The technological highlight is the patented automatic instrument detection. The correct power class is set automatically when the instrument is inserted. The risk of overloading the instrument is significantly reduced, meaning that the user can concentrate fully on the patient and the surgical procedure. Equipped with a boost function, Piezomed ensures a short-term increase in power of 20% when needed.

Advanced hygiene concepts

At the same time, that W&H is attracting attention with the new innovation in oral surgery, innovation is embodied in the current Assistina generation. With the Assistina 3x3, a device is being launched to the market for first time for automatic internal and external cleaning as well as oil service of turbines and straight and contra-angle handpieces. Between one and three instruments can be cleaned and serviced per cycle. This allows dentists to benefit from considerably shorter and validated cleaning processes and provides them with optimum support in the implementation of the most advanced hygiene concepts.

Thanks to its unique technological knowledge and consistent product development in close collaboration with its customers, W&H has set innovative standards in the global market time and time again. Our strong focus on the needs and desires of users creates efficient, safe and sustainable solutions - a concept that always been key throughout the course of the company’s 125-year history, and is still key today. Many pioneering services are inseparably connected with the W&H name, and continue to shape the brand’s image.

Milestones for advanced dentistry

push-button chuck system
Push-button chuck system
Roto Quick coupling
Roto Quick coupling
Assistina automatic oil dispenser
Lisa MB – the first Class B sterilizer
Lisa MB – the first Class B sterilizer
W&H surgical motor
Generator-powered LED light

In 1979, W&H was the first in the world to introduce push-button chucks for turbines in the market, immediately simplifying the process of changing the bur on the instrument head. At the same time, the new Roto-Quick swivel coupling turbine made it possible to rotate the instruments through 360°, providing flexibility and easier working.

The fastest small surgical device and at the same time the first brushless motor of its time, the Elcomed, caused a sensation in 1983. The motor is capable of reaching a drive speed of up to 45,000 rpm. This had a positive influence of the ablation performance of rotary instruments in bone preparation. Surgeons benefited from optimal treatment results.

In 1992, W&H, with the new Assistina, positioned itself with a cleaning and care device that not only is very simple to use but also is very cost-effective. Whilst other manufacturers only offer maintenance using a grease gun or oil can, the new W&H product allows fully automatic oil service and complete cleaning of spray channels for the very first time. The next innovation in instrument preparation came in 1999: Lisa is the first sterilizer available on the market that is designed solely for Class B cycles. Lisa not only provides support in the re-preparation, it also makes the sterilization processes in hospitals easier. Because the new Lisa is a vacuum autoclave, it guarantees sterilization of interior cavities in dental instruments for the first time.

In 2001, the new Implantmed surgical motor not only featured an excellent price-performance ratio but also provides support in straightforward and precise operation. The innovative W&H product offers the highest level of reliability in use.

W&H was the first dental equipment manufacturer to introduce turbines with sterilizable LEDs to the market in 2007: the Synea generation. Dentists were then able to work with light that was of the same quality of daylight; for the very first time, it is now possible to sterilize the complete instrument. They were followed by surgical straight and contra-angle handpieces with generator technology in the same year. The new feature is that the power for the light is generated completely independently of the drive motor by a generator integrated in the instrument. Without additional investment, users can now utilize LED light on any dental unit and any dental motor. As of 2009, all the advantages of the popular W&H LED technology become available for Restoration & Prosthetics with the Alegra range.

Our attention is focused on people.

With the focus on the maximum benefit for advanced dentistry, W&H solutions have stood for quality, innovation and safety for 125 years. The dovetailing of development and manufacturing at the location in Bürmoos have made W&H able to seize on changes in market quickly and integrate customer requirements in new, sustainable solutions. This has made the Austrian family company one of the decisive leaders in the dental market today, and ensures continuing innovative trends in the industry.