W&H supports walk-in service in Germany

Dental care for disadvantaged members of society

Living in such precarious circumstances, for many homeless and needy people going to the dentist is an impossible task. In order to remove the shame of going to the dentist for the poor and needy, but also to remove any fears about the treatment itself, Professor Gerhard Trabert set up a clinic in Mainz in May 2013. In addition to general medical care, this welfare service also specialises in initial and emergency dental treatment. The aim of the service is to offer homeless people and those on lower incomes a way of getting help for free, without bureaucracy. These people often have no suitable health insurance cover, and cannot afford the steep additional charges for treatment either, given their precarious living situations.

Modern dental technology donated

Free dental care
Free dental care for people in need

In order to support the voluntary work being done by Professor Trabert and his team and press ahead with setting up extensive dental care for the needy, W&H recently donated to the cause in the form of dental handpieces.

"The aim of the walk-in clinic is to provide help to those on a very low or no income quickly and without too much bureaucracy. The donation is also our way of helping to set up this urgently needed medical care fast and without bureaucracy," says Roland Gruber, Regional Marketing Manager at W&H.

In addition to optimal hygiene at the facility, there is also a firm focus on providing the non-profit clinic with the latest dental equipment. "We would like to thank W&H for supporting us so generously. In doing so, the company is not only showing a strong interest in our work, but also showing great regard for homeless and needy people who more often than not have difficult living situations to contend with," Professor Gerhard Trabert is pleased to report.