W&H receives award for energy efficiency

At the end of February "umwelt service salzburg" (Salzburg environment service), an institution for promoting environmentally friendly activities, recognised eight companies for their outstanding contributions to environmental protection. W&H was awarded a prize in the energy category.

Dr. M. Grießner, Christian Gerner (W&H Facility Management), Dr. L. Schitter, chairman of Salzburg AG

W&H is a specialist in innovative dental solutions – innovative also describes the environmental action that was implemented in Plant II in 2011. W&H invested in a controller for the air compressors, which has saved 110,000 kWh or 5.5 tonnes of CO2 in the first year of operation.

This action has saved resources and energy and has confirmed our environmentally friendly credentials. W&H was awarded the "umwelt blatt salzburg" prize, which is presented at an annual celebration.

With the slogan "Act now – success with environmental efficiency" the winners of the award have impressively demonstrated that even small steps can have effective results. Small investments in energy efficiency can mean major savings in just a few years. The prize-winning companies have shown their willingness to act and are convinced that everyone can and should make a contribution to improving environmental efficiency.