Lina, B-type sterilizer – Simple and expandable

Since the launch of Lina at the IDS11, sales figures prove that Lina is a success not only in Europe.

Lina is staying true to the W&H concept by offering exclusively type-B cycles and a short ECO-B cycle for your small loads. The well-established fully automatic Lisa is designed to offer full traceability and for intensive use. In addition Lisa has a unique patented function that automatically reduces the overall cycle time according to the number of instrument being processed.

Lina autoclave – The essentials of sterilization
Lina autoclave – The essentials of sterilization

Reduce overall cycle duration!

Lina autoclave practical key-pad
Lina autoclave – practical key-pad

Lina was designed to evolve according to the needs of clients, ensuring ease-of-use through its practical key-pad. Lina features a fast "Eco-B" program that reduces the overall cycle duration and energy consumption by up to half. The built-in dust filter, keeps the internal components clean and its simple and reliable technology significantly reduces maintenance costs. The first service does not have to be planned until 4,000 cycles have been completed!

Great price performance ratio!

Lina impresses by offering a great price performance ratio. This makes Lina especially attractive for young practitioners for their first installation, to guarantee exclusively type B cycles at reasonable costs and leaving the door open to all upgrade options.

Upgrade options!

When required, you can add the optional Multiport for the purpose of traceability, which allows the saving of sterilization cycle reports on USB stick and the printing of barcode labels via the LisaSafe printer. Or connect and upgrade Lina with the W&H water treatment and filling system Multidem, delivering consistently high water quality thus preventing lime scale deposits in the sterilizers.

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